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Bishop Abel Dickerson

Bishop Abel S. Dickerson

Leader 1923 - 1935

“Biographies of Past-Present Leaders of the Church of God and Saints of Christ”

The Leadership Era of Bishop Abel S. Dickerson

Second Successor

of the

Church of God and Saints of Christ

We’ve carried you through the historical and biographical journey of both our Founder, Prophet William Saunders Crowdy and 1st Successor, Bishop James M. Groves.  This now brings us to the life-story of our 2nd Successor, former leader of The Church of God and Saints of Christ, Bishop Abel S. Dickerson.

In the year 1900, Abel S. Dickerson was baptized by the esteemed Prophet of God and founder of the Church of God and Saints of Christ (COG&SOC), Bishop William Saunders Crowdy, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  It was here his work for God began.   Abel S. Dickerson was born near Exmore, Virginia and was the younger brother of the late Bishop John W. Dickerson.  Abel was introduced to the COG&SOC through his father who was a member of the Church. 

Exemplifying the characteristics of a proactive and faithful member of the COG&SOC, Abel S. Dickerson began his life in the Gospel Ministry as an Elder.  He is known to have been a devout follower of Prophet Crowdy.  He was a great orator, as was his brother, Bishop John; the two were known as, “The Two Sons of Thunder.”

Elder Abel stood fast on the Ten Commandments and quickly gained great love and respect from the entire Church body.  History reveals during his leadership many were healed of sicknesses and diseases.  In the early 1908 or beforehand, Elder Abel S. Dickerson was elevated to an Evangelist and became one of the most fortunate to have worked closely with our Founder, Prophet William S. Crowdy. 

On August 4th, 1908, the COG&SOC suffered a traumatic loss in the death of founder and leader, Prophet William S. Crowdy and following the burial of Prophet Crowdy, Evangelist Abel S. Dickerson fell under the regime of our first successor, Bishop James M. Grove.  In 1909, Evangelist Dickerson was appointed Pastor in the large tabernacle of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  In the year 1909, at Passover Memorial in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Evangelist Abel S. Dickerson was consecrated a Junior Bishop.

Under the leadership of Bishop Abel S. Dickerson, the COG&SOC continued to expand its growth with many tabernacles in various cities across the country.  This great leader has been documented in Church history as one of the greatest Princes in the Church of God and Saints of Christ.  Bishop Abel S. Dickerson departed this life in 1935.  Time passed and so did the mantle. 

And so, our journey continued…