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Bishop James Grove

Bishop James M. Grove

Leader 1908 - 1923

“Biographies of Past-Present Leaders of the Church of God and Saints of Christ”

            The Leadership Era of Bishop James M. Grove

First Successor

of the

Church of God and Saints of Christ


 Following the demise of the Founder of the Church of God and Saints of Christ, Prophet William Saunders Crowdy, James M. Grove was elected as Leader.

In the year 1896, then James M. Grove affiliated himself with the Church of God and Saints of Christ (COG&SOC) in Topeka Kansas and was ordained to the gospel ministry by Prophet William S. Crowdy.

Tabernacles were established; points east and west, with a wide array of Saints following the plan of salvation as delivered by Prophet Crowdy.  In 1898, the First General Annual Assembly was held on the first day of the week, commonly called Sunday, Sivan (June) 26th in Emporia, Kansas.  At the District Assembly in Boston (called the Second Annual Assembly) in that same year, Prophet Crowdy appointed Elder Grove to the position of Assistant Bishop.

Bishop Grove; an advocate and defender of the Word of God continued to preach and teach throughout the world; withersoever providence called.  He later authored and published, “Exposition of Religious Truth.”  He resided in California until his death, 1946-48, at the seasoned age of 90+

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