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Prophet William Crowdy
Leader 1896 - 1908

William Saunders Crowdy was born in 1847, at Charlotte Hall, St Mary's County Maryland to slave parents.  He was called "Wilson" spending his childhood years on a slave plantation.  He fought for freedom in the Civil War and soon after, settled down on a 160 acres farm in Guthrie, Oklahoma.  In 1881, he was united in Holy matrimony to Lovey Yates Higgins.  God; in His own wise providence and time, rose Crowdy up in 1892 to fulfill the prophecies of the Holy scriptures according to Malachi 4:5. 


It was then Crowdy began to receive Revelations direct from God (Isaiah 28/KJV) which later resulted in the re-establishment of the Church of God and Saints of Christ.  In those days, Crowdy came upon great struggle and persecution, but he continued in the will of God, preaching and teaching the gospel; baptizing in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, all that would heed in the name of Jesus Christ. 


November 8, 1896, Crowdy incorporated the Church of God and Saints of Christ in Emporia, Kansas.  Throughout his life time, he preached and taught throughout the world, carrying the same powerful message according to Mark 1:15 - "And saying the time is fulfilled and the kingdom of God is at hand, repent ye and believe the gospel." On December 16, 1902 the Church of God and Saints of Christ was registered as the 667th religious organization in the Library of Congress in Washington, DC.  Under his leadership, the Church owned and operated newspaper publications; grocery stores; restaurants; and barber shops.


Let it be written and so recorded; Prophet William Saunders Crowdy was a Prophet of God; sent into the whole world.  He left this present world for life eternal August 4, 1908 and was laid to rest at Woodland Cemetery, Newark, NJ.  While the "Church" has suffered many persecutions it remains strong and stedfast under the present Leadership of Chief Executive and Sr. Bishop Robert Dennis Grant as it is built upon the Apostles and the prophets; Jesus Christ himself being the Chief cornerstone!