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Bishop Robert Grant, CEO

Bishop Robert D. Grant, Sr.

Leader 2000 - Present

“Biographies of Past-Present Leaders of the Church of God and Saints of Christ”

The Leadership Era of Bishop Robert Dennis Grant, Sr.
Fifth and Present Successor
of the
Church of God and Saints of Christ

We have brought you through the historical chronicles of the legacy of leadership of the Church of God and Saints of Christ (COG&SOC) which brings us to today … and our present leader, Chief Executive Officer, Bishop Robert Dennis Grant, Sr.

Bishop Robert Dennis Grant, Sr. was born Bul (November) 28th, 1953, in Cleveland, Ohio to the late CEO, Bishop James Reuben and Grand Mother Sarah St. Margaret Taylor Grant; he was born the second of two sons. 

In Sebat (February) 1978, Bishop Robert D. Grant, Sr. was joined in Holy Matrimony to the late St. Mildred Priscilla Millerton.  To this blessed union, three children were born: April Y., Crystal J., and Robert, Jr., and two grand-children, Joi and Christopher.

Strictly educated and well-versed in the recorded Word of God through King James, Sr. Bishop Grant is also an avid motivational and inspirational speaker who quickly climbed the ranks of the Church of God and Saints of Christ.  In the year 1992, Sr. Bishop Grant was ordained to the Gospel ministry as an Elder of Israel. He began addressing the 7 keys to overcoming obstacles and breaking cycles of degradation,  showing lost souls the way to Christ and delivering  peace and hope of a brighter day and eternal tomorrow through believing in Jesus Christ and acceptance and obedience to the Word of God.   In 1995, he was elevated to the office of an Evangelist and on April 20, 1999, consecrated to the honorary office of Bishopric.

On the dawn of February 28, 2000, he was elected to the office of Senior Bishop and Chief Executive of the Church of God in Christ by the Authority of the Church and under the direct Spiritual directive and legacy of Founder, Prophet William S. Crowdy.  Through many hardships, economic slavery, trials, tribulations and even satanic barriers, the Almighty God continues to sustain “The Church” with Spiritual nourishment of determination and fresh inspirations through His servant to remain focused and contend for the faith once delivered unto the Saints!

Today, as Chief Commander of the Church of God and Saints of Christ, Sr. Bishop Robert Dennis Grant continues the legacy set before him as a stoical warrior of God, Christ and Founder, Prophet William S. Crowdy.  This places him with the patriarchs who preceded him as an advocate and explicit defender of Truth and Righteousness.  A remembered quote, “If you fail to prepare, then prepare to fail; there is no substitution for study and preparation of the Word of God.”  He remains in Cleveland, Ohio – Headquarters of the Church where he continues to Pastor locally and nationally with his current wife and Executive Assistant; First Lady, St. Marilyn J. Grant.

Be it known and so written, many events have taken place since the establishment of the Church of God and Saints of Christ and many events are yet to come.  With the help of the Almighty God of Heaven, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the God of the Hebrews, the Great I AM, this great Church will continue to carry the banner that was left by its founder, Prophet William Saunders Crowdy.  This ends the Leadership legacy of the Great Church of God and Saints of Christ!